Monday, April 13, 2009


Made 3 wallhangings of my hubbies 3 oldest sons.

3 layers of pp to make it a bit stronger. Inked the edges, folded the edges of the frame on the top photo and putted some 3-d foams under to lift it up from the pp.
Just love these flowers from Doddledoo's

The flowers are punched from pp and inked a bit. Putted some glimmerstickles on the edges. Used an old chipboard swirl I had and painted it with rust red.
3-D foams under the picture.

Same punched flowers. Again 3-D foams under the picture. Theme is Butterflyes. Just love them :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

SÍK #10"

Yet another challenge :) It's so much fun...

My niece is 8 years old today and I decided to make one LO for her and participate in the challenge at the same time ;) We have to use rings in the LO so there they are ...
Painted the edges on the rings with white acrylic paint instead of ink this time and putted some white rubons. Cutted the flowers and the berries out of one pp I had and lifted them up with 3-D's. Added some pink stickles here and there on the flowers.
Inked the background pp on the edges. Glued down some blingstones up in the upper left and lower right. Thats it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

5 in a row :)

Had an awesome scraptime last weekend and these 5 LO's are what came out :)

This one is a cketch from Ingvild Bolme and waaaauwww. I had so much fun doing this, even though it is a simple one. I didnt do a complex thing about it, only few rubons and distressing.
The title means Young. A short journal says...Once upon a time, mommy was young :)

Still am... ;)

This one is Christmas 2008, my middleson at age 10. (and a half)

Cutted the pp into stripes and criss crossed them and glued down. Cutted out a heart to use in the second LO. Bit heavy work but I like how it came out. The lace was kind a stiff but turn out quite good too. Pinched it down with brads and added some copper stickles on top of it. Lifted the photo from the mat with 3-D's
Prima christmasflowers of course :)

The second half of the double LO. My youngest one last christmas at age 2 and half :)

Kindergarden cutie :)
My youngest will change kindergarden next fall so I decided to one to remember.
Stamped out the grass and the Owl and inked the tree. Also lifted the frames and the grass with some 3-D's

Gremlins ;)

Another very simple LO.

This one is taken of my two youngest in the bathtub. They had such a gremlin look on their face, quite funny :) Their father made a small song about this and I had to put it on this LO.

Sprayed some glimmermist on the grungeboard (the letters and the swirls) and putted a bit of applegreen stickles on the edges of the swirls and the flowers. Also to the pp.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SÍK #9#

Yet another challenge LO. The challenge is to use the colors black,white,yellow, applegreen and bluegreen. Quite challenging to say! Puts me out of my colorbox which usually contains 2 colors,2 at max! Not happy with the photo of the LO, seems like the yellow color is pink! But it is pastel yellow. Inked the background pp and the frames with bluegreen ink to call the heaven in the pic.

The pp behind the picture has some white and lightbluegreen colors in it, plastic flower ribbon has some black flowers on clear ground. Also had black flowers under the white ones.

Putted some applegreen glitter stickles on the tips of the white flowers and used it also as a frame for small journal up in the right corner.

Not happy with this photo at all, have to make my new flash work.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Horsemark on the heart.

A lo for another challenge. Supposed to use some leftover letters. Took it all the way and whole page is a left overs! The I is something I dont know what is and the W´s are quite good as M´s :)
Not so sure I like it but I used photos I care about so this is going to stay.

Monday, February 9, 2009

"Heart" you two

A hidden journal is behind the "door"
Had to give my edgedistresser some time off and got some great idea from Linda Ola's page at , to fold the edges to make some frames.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pic nic.

A lO for challenge i´m participating in. Lots of fun. The challenge is to use rub-ons, and a lot of it.
Everything here are rub-ons exept the butterfly in the lower right corner.
Old picture of us taking a picnic daytour with our older son, then 3 year old.
Take a look at the challengesite here...

In love in/with London :)

Have'nt been using too much of our travelpictures in LO's. Occupied with the pictures of our boys instead, but this one i love...had to make something out of it.
Wonderful time in London in the springtime.

My darling...

You always have to make a least one LO of the soulmate...:)

10 year old angel :)

I've gone mad with my edge distresser :) I have used it on almost every lO i´ve created since I bought it! Rather happy with it as you can see ;)

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Says here: Childish is the funniest and most entertaining language.
How children pronounce some words in their own cute way.

A whole lot of brothers..

Total of 6 brothers. 24 years beetween the oldest and youngest :)

A whole lot of brothers..second half.

Older brothers holding their youngest...

Heartwarming Elsa

My wonderful mother in law :)


My two youngest out playing.

First kiss from big bro..

He had waited for so long to finally get to hold his little brother...

Just happy :)

Taken when my youngest was born. My middle son so proud of his little brother.

Colors of fall.

On of my favourite times of the year when the colors of the nature just explodes. Very old pictures though!

Brothers have a lot in common.

The pictures are taken of my 2 younger sons at the similar age, at the same place, chewing the same...(dont know the english name)
Both like the sour taste :)
Couldnt resist make a LO with these picures.

One just simple LO of my middle son in his favourite pirate shorts. Got the chance to use the sculp finally.

I'm randomingly trying to use different look on this page, just to see how it turnes out. Normally I do make up my mind rather quickly... lol.

At our countryfarm.

Finally I had the chance to use pink colors :) Not many chances I get to do that with just males in the house ;)

Proud of the man..

My oldest son, almost 21 years now.

You are perfect...just the way you are.

My middleson at the age of 8. He will turn 11 next june.

Vinir mínir og ég.

Er að fikra mig áfram hérna, sýnist að ég þurfi að stækka myndirnar. Þessi síða er af miðjusyninum með vinum sínum.